Leonid Afremov

Leonid’s works are nothing short of Masterpieces. The colors are so beautiful, bright and rich on all of his paintings. Leonid has a wonderful presence on social media, so please follow him @Afremov_Artist and https://www.facebook.com/leonidafremovofficialpage/

It is also worth taking the time to read Leonid’s story and how he came to be where he is today. His bio can be found here.

Dmitry Kustanovich

The Titmouse
Oil on Canvas

Dmitry portrays Belarusian nature with such precision and ease. He has “entered into the modern art as the master who is distinguished by originality, recognition, depth of the contents and high level of execution.”

You may follow Dmitry’s journey through his social media accounts, @gallery_dkust or https://www.facebook.com/Kustanovich.Dmitry

Please also visit Dmitry’s website, https://dkust.com/en/ to find your favorite piece.

Charles Evans

Montecattini Alto 1

Charles takes you on the artist’s journey through his Twitter account, @charlesevansart workshops and holidays. Charles often posts pictures on his social media accounts of his masterpieces as he paints. His followers are witness to the transformation from a white piece of paper into a beautifully finished portrait.

You may learn his techniques by purchasing his tips & techniques book, and also purchase Winsor & Newton colors and brushes through his website, http://www.charlesevansart.com/


Eric Bealer

Free Ride
Wood Block Print

Eric’s work is found in the beautiful and long standing Annie Kaill’s Gallery in Juneau, Alaska. Eric says, “Nature is so full of beautiful details. Far more than we can hold in our eyes and mind at one time. All those details combine to create the whole.” Eric tries to create a special feeling in each print. “If I can speak to you a feeling, then that is all you need.”

Artsy: https://www.artsy.net/artist/eric-bealer

Source: http://www.anniekaills.com/art/bealer/index.htm