• Being restricted from using the phone because they cut my  data in half has proven to be a positive. I use my phone much less and my commute to and from work is more relaxed.
  • I think the summer is going to be the summer of the smoothie. I made one today with frozen raspberries, banana, orange juice, mango juice and matcha. It was so good! I’m excited to make more.
  • I did a survey the other day and am being sent a coffee sample. I feel like I’ve just won the lottery. I’m looking forward to finding which company it’s from.
  • I’m writing a post about my favorite artists and their art. Stay tuned!
  • Back to the topic of coffee for a second. I want to learn how to roast my own coffee beans. I’m a little apprehensive. What do you think? Is it a difficult process? Any advice?

Favorite Song: Human by Rag’n Bone. I heard it on the Voice, sung by Jesse Larson, and immediately fell in love with the lyrics.

Show I’m looking forward to: The show whose name I always forget ( I seriously had to Google it just now) House of Cards. Where will the story go next? How will they Trump reality? I usually balance House of Cards out with a healthy positive dose of the Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt (whose name I can remember). Maybe that’s why Netflix releases them at around the same time.

Favorite Video made with Snapchat: https://youtu.be/LQvzNkN_w5U Enjoy!