We are addicted.

We are addicted to the search of something that is better, better than what we have now.

What does that do to our perception of what we have now? It reduces what we have in wholeness and creates an energy of “not enough” and we end up losing focus.

I’m reading The Soul of Money by Lynne Twist and in it she talks about appreciating the things one has in the now. As one receives and releases, they let go and that allows abundance to come in.

That doesn’t mean to say one doesn’t set goals and have an understanding of the direction they are headed in in life. But accepting where one is in life is a great first step to releasing the energy that binds us and keeps us stuck.

In my journal I wrote the following:

Quit searching

Then maybe something will open up to you.

You’re attached to the search.

What will you do when you find it? All you know is searching and chasing.