Climate change.

Your either a great denier, or a fighter for all lives on Earth. In today’s climate discussion, it seems as though there is no in-between. Which is why the conversation surrounding climate change, in my opinion, is so misguided. If you deny climate change exists, it’s assumed you support the polluting of the Earth for material gain. If you support the idea of climate change, it’s assumed you are mindful of the products you use and take concrete steps to protect Earth from the negative effects of modern living.

Why are weather events getting stronger? What is happening to our Earth’s processes? Well, Earth’s processes are changing – as they always have. I don’t think anyone can deny that. We have access to Earth climate information and can see how it has radically changed over time. We have access to historical stories of people being displaced because of changes to the Earth – such as the Sahara desert. It hasn’t always been the desert, much like the mountains in the Yukon weren’t always mountains. At one time if we had lived a long long time ago and had the technology, we could have scuba dove above Whitehorse and observed the limestone reef at the top of what is now Grey Mountain.

Greenpeace recently admitted that their narrative is just rhetoric and meant to bring harm to corporations. Climate change deniers admit they don’t take scientific data into account when forming their views surrounding climate change. When studying climate science, the numbers look right but one is never quite sure. Case in point: it’s nearly impossible to calculate the whole of Earth’s temperature – as there are places on Earth we can’t even get to, let alone set up equipment to capture data.

These are just some of the reasons I think we need to shift the conversation about climate change from whether it’s real or not to a results-based conversation. I think if we all held corporations and those who pollute on a larger scale to a higher standard, they would then invest in ways to reduce their negative effects, which would produce positive results in our climate.

I would like to believe that we all want clean air and water. Concentrating on actions and results, rather than who is right will help us reach our clean earth goals.