• I admire the Kardashians for their marketing, for the success of whatever new product line or business they venture in, and for how they control their own message. I bet business classes could be built around their strategy (maybe that’ll be their new line of business.)
  • It finally felt like a spring day today.
  • When you know the truth of someone’s heart, it doesn’t matter what the rest of the world thinks.
  • Sundays are the best days.
  • I feel a strong urge to organize everything, as if I’m preparing myself for a time when orderliness will be a necessity.


Thing I crave: breakfast. I never have before and usually felt nauseous if I forced myself to eat it. So, I bought an artsy, healthy, oat-sy cereal with fruit chunks and milk.

Last movie I watched: Bitter Harvest – It was really good. I had a lump in my throat for most of the movie. I don’t ever remember Ukrainians having English accents, but for me that would be a dream come true.

Book I am reading: A people’s History of the United States by Howard Zinn. It was published in the 80’s but a lot of what Zinn writes about can be applied today. It’s important for me to gain an understanding of what’s happening in the U.S. and gain an understanding of the root causes when it comes to their political issues. More knowledge=less fear.

Quote I am pondering:

It felt to me like America was always wanting to resolve things too quickly, without thinking through what the costs and consequences would be and how that affects an individual living in that world. Then as I grew up and went about my life, I think I just got more and more interested in that gray area where things are not so easily quantified.  -Robert Redford