• I notice that I ride the bus with the same people everyday. We sit in the same places and by now know each other’s stops. There’s a nice familiarity to it.
  • I see the best and worst of humanity on the bus. Some people won’t give their seat up for anyone, not even a pregnant woman. Some people will put their bags on the seat and people have to stand. Then there are the people who would give their seat up for anyone, people who pick items from the floor that kids have dropped, and who have paid for another person’s bus fare.
  • The time change really kicked my butt this week. From confused thinking to heart palpitations and near fainting, it was a trying week. But I survived!
  • I dislike the thought of animal testing. If a company tested only a few of their products in another country, would you still use them? What is the point of having other environmentally friendly programs if the organization is harming/killing animals?
  • I have a love/hate relationship with cooking.

Favorite go-to when I need to eat fast: a chicken wrap

Comfort food right now: crackers

Binge-worthy: All the Voice episodes from this season

Flaw I’m working on: Procrastination