• I didn’t think about much today; it’s Sunday.
  • 7 more days until spring!
  • I feel jet-lagged without the benefit of going anywhere (time change)
  • I love Tolkien’s writing.
  • I appreciate being able to concentrate and eliminate distraction.

Reading the Tao of Travel by Paul Theroux, a meaningful passage on being a stranger (pg. 123): 

“It is hard to be a stranger. A traveller has no power, no influence, no known identity. That is why a traveller needs optimism and heart, because without confidence travel is misery. Generally, the traveller is anonymous, ignorant, easy to deceive, at the mercy of the people he or she travels among. The traveller might be known as the “American” or the “Foreigner” and there is no power in that.”

“I did not expect preferential treatment. I did not care about power or respectability. This was the condition of a liberated soul, of course, but also the condition of a bum.”

Some of Tolkien’s quotes I love:

Courage is found in unlikely places.

All that is Gold does not glitter; not all those that wander are lost. (A friend once said the first part and now I know what was meant.)

I feel that as long as the Shire lies behind, safe and comfortable, I shall find wandering more bearable: I shall know that somewhere there is a firm foothold, even if my feet cannot stand there again.

It’s a dangerous business, Frodo, going out your door. You step onto the road, and if you don’t keep your feet, there’s no telling where you might be swept off to.