• The Oscars are more inspiring and less political than I thought they’d be.
  • Jimmy Kimmel should host a few more….with Matt Damon – therapy and all.
  • It’s inspiring to see current actors connect with those who inspired them – except Matt Damon.
  • If I had a large platform, I would tweet the President to taunt him.
  • Walking in on the Oscars is a new goal of mine.


Favorite speech: Emma Stone for Leading Actress. She is so down to earth and real. And relatable. It’s just who she is.

Favorite moment: Jimmy Kimmel and Matt Damon’s feud. And Jimmy’s love for Matt in the films. Wow, they’re great. And guest. +1. And the music….playing him off. 

Favorite dress: Hailee Steinfeld – It’s such a wonderful dress. The flowers on it are beautiful. It’s honestly what I would picture a wedding dress to be. 

Who I wish had won: Dev Patel – Lion – he’s so fantastic – and not to diminish Mahershala’s win – he’s pretty wonderful too.


The final 5 minutes were quite the gong show. What was that?

In any case, most of the dresses this year were wonderful. I can’t think of any “bad” dresses this year.

Most of the movies who I thought would win, won. I did think La La Land would get Best Picture, but alas, as you probably know, it didn’t. We’ll be talking about this for years.

I hope Matt Damon hosts next year. Wouldn’t that be great?

Seriously, what was that?? Yeesh.