• I’m looking forward to the summer
  • Checking off items on lists is the best feeling
  • I admire people who choose to live life differently
  • Traveling=Freedom
  • Bread wasn’t as easy to make as I thought it was going to be (practice makes perfect)


Show I enjoyed watching in the last 24 hours: The Good Fight with Christine Baranski – Looks Promising!

Movie I’m watching: Manchester By The Sea  (Poor Drummer)

Movie I’m looking forward to: Bitter Harvest, Produced by Ian Ihnatowycz, about Holodomor, a genocide by forced starvation forced on the Ukrainian people by Joseph Stalin during the 1930s which took millions of lives. It is a historical event that is not well-known in history and I hope this film sheds some light on it.

Podcast I’m listening to right now: The Tim Ferriss Show Podcast. Love his books, love his show. You can check it all out here

Things I can’t live without right now: My online projects – they’re fun.