• I didn’t know we could have Festivus in February. Febstivus (Jake Tapper on CNN)
  • I would love to make my own pottery dish set
  • I miss Obama, for my own peace and well-being and because he was a good guy for the people.
  • This Is Us is the best show right now. I haven’t looked forward to a show so much since Brothers & Sisters.
  • There is always more to the story. It’s nice to be privy to different sides of a story.


What I am grateful for: being Canadian

Hobbies I’m enjoying right now: writing

Best movie I’ve watched lately: Passengers. The thought of travelling to a faraway planet as a sabbatical for a few hundred years to write a story blows my mind.

Things I’m putting off right now: locating my paperwork to do my taxes

Things I can’t live without right now: meditation…it seriously is the best thing ever, and oranges

Event I am looking forward to: the Oscars! (hence why I am watching all the Best Picture nominees!)