• I miss London. I came upon this thought watching the View and listening to Whoopi talk about how great London is. It’s so great!
  • I try too hard to be witty. I’m not quick nor inventive.
  • If I were rich, I would probably give all my money away.
  • Up to this point, I have lived my life as if everything is temporary. I barely decorate apartments, a lot of my stuff is packed in bins, and I have this sense I should be ready to GO at any time. I don’t own much in terms of property – I take Transit, rent cars to travel and rent my housing.
  • I wonder what a nomadic lifestyle would be like.


What I am grateful for: melting snow, chirping birds, and having all the services I need close by.

Hobbies I’m enjoying right now: Is watching a lot of movies a hobby? I have the ability to watch pretty much any movie I want, and it’s wonderful.

Best movie I’ve watched lately: Hidden Figures

Things I’m putting off right now: Watercolor painting

Things I can’t live without right now: Magnesium supplements, meditation and Twitter.