• I’m a news junkie. Fake or real but I prefer real news.
  • I wish I had been alive when the Borscht Belt was around. Google it! (hint: Dirty Dancing)
  • I love taking Transit when there are seven people on the bus and no one is talking.
  • I was scared taking the bus this afternoon for the first time in ten years.
  • My biggest pet peeve is spelling errors, especially when they are my own.


What I am grateful for: Coffee! flowers and sunshine

Hobbies I’m enjoying right now: Playing Candy Crush (this is pretty much a habit now)

Best movie I’ve watched lately: Hacksaw Ridge – not exactly the Valentine’s choice – but it was still pretty great.

Things I’m putting off right now: the dishes

Things I can’t live without right now: the news, and my countdown to Spring on Twitter